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Someone Loves


Memorable melodies, alluring lyrics, and irresistible rhythms so beautifully sung they'll touch the heart of everyone who's ever loved anyone. Each song unfolds in a unique style, from ballad to jazz, lullaby to light rock  . . . 

even a fun astronaut tribute with authentic launch and Houston-capsule communications.

Karen S Davis

Doubt thou the stars are fire; 

Doubt that the sun doth move; 

Doubt truth to be a liar; 

But never doubt I love. 

---William Shakespeare


Real lyrics set to real melodies, real emotions straight from the heart. Clever and fresh, amusing, touching, and deeply moving, these songs make us wish we had written them ourselves—or feel that we would if we had Davis's gift for words and music. —Kyr Arnsugr, composer; pianist for Washington (D.C.), Pacific Northwest, and Oregon Ballets

I have never heard more brilliant, more beautiful, more soulful, more clever, more personal love songs. Ms. Davis did a masterful job of covering the FULL range of what love truly is with deep, insightful lyrics (not one wasted word!) and a wide range of delightful musical styles and compositions. And then there’s her voice. Oh my, what a gift! Perfection comes to mind. Wonderful music!

—Tom Lindsay, CD Baby review