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One of Karen S Davis's client authors includes her in his book dedication.

~  Karen brings clarity and conciseness to confusing language and organization to chaos. ~ 

Award-winning editor and writer Karen S. Davis, listed in Who's Who in America, is a veteran editor and writer. Her honors degrees in English and history, world-class journalism credentials from London's TIMES, life and travel in other cultures, and professional careers in the arts, sciences, and literature contribute to her proficiency in a range of genres. Her expertise includes the following.

BOOKS AND STORIES. Karen edits fiction and nonfiction, plays and screenplays, essays, and poems for both seasoned and aspiring authors worldwide. She has edited for Time Warner, Disney Publishing Worldwide, McGraw-Hill, Cambridge U. Press, Cengage, Kensington, Thomson (UK), and many other publishers. Several books she edited won American Library Association awards. She edited the screenplay The Sixth Sense by M. Night Shyamalan, which was nominated for an Oscar. 

BUSINESS MATERIALS. For businesses and nonprofits alike Karen writes and revises marketing and advertising, reports, proposals, abstracts, style guides, patent descriptions, and much more. She has won technical writing and creative advertising awards.

TEACHING AND TUTORING. Karen has taught writing and grammar online, in schools and universities, and privately to adults and children.


A deep bow to my editor . . . a mere genius. ―Richard Winwood, A Poore Wandringe Boy

Thank you for all your hard work. Beyond excellent! ―Salem Press

I hope you don't mind me telling everyone on this earth how talented you are! Your editing skills, tenacity, and critiquing walk on water. Fantastic. 

You are a true professional. —Ken Samanski, French Like Me

You're my secret weapon in the struggle for communications supremacy! —Alan Lattanner, CEO

Working with Karen is complete pleasure. Karen is painstakingly thorough, extremely well-informed in all areas, and willing to rise to the most challenging assignments. I highly recommend her with the utmost confidence. —Stuart Swezey, Publisher

It's a pleasure working with you. ―Karina Mikhli, Kensington Publishing

You are gifted. Your comments were right on and reflect your surgically precise intellect. —Samson Soledad, In the Beginning There Was . . . Me

[You are] a gifted editor . . . a very talented lady. Thank you so much! ―Mark H. Barratt, Guardian of Heaven

Fighter pilots like to be in control. I worried about turning my memoir over to an editor. Karen [was a] great choice. A real pro who turned my storytelling into real writing. She was efficient, and best of all did not tell me what I wanted to hear. Karen, I would fly in your backseat any time! ―(Pilot) Gary Thrasher, Phantom Letters

It took me weeks to settle on an editor and I'm thrilled. Her work is, in a word, fantastic. I got exactly what I asked for and it made me euphoric. A pleasure to work with an editor both professional and friendly. —Laala Kashef Alghata, Behind the Mask: A Folded Heart

Thank you! You took on an unknown writer and injected your years of experience and knowledge while keeping my voice alive. You set a lofty editorial standard and I dare anyone to find a more professional, flexible, or honest editor anywhere. —Yolanda Klem, Torn

My patient editor . . . Your professionalism, time, and attention were invaluable. A pleasure working with you! —Richard Ford, Lord of Eternity

My decision to employ your talents was a wise one! —Jay Osman, Fug 10

Karen gave valuable advice on my play's strengths and weaknesses plus an extensive edit. I cannot thank her enough. My London publishing company commented, "One of the best plays the review board has read." —Colin Wilson, English author

This is my first attempt at writing a true crime book, even though I've written hundreds of TV scripts. [Karen's] edits were ruthless but needed to be. It’s so much better than when I sent it to her. —Chris Benjamin

Karen is a consummate professional—an English language expert with an eagle eye for detail.. —Paul Lineberry, P.E.

I can't thank you enough. Incredible skills! —Mary Ruth Koogler

Karen is the best editor I have worked with. She is not satisfied until she exceeds her own high expectations. —Thomas L. Foster

Karen's skills are superb. —Congressman Walter C. Minnick

Karen's brilliant writing and editing skills transformed the [manuscript]. The breadth of her writing skills is evident. —Marjorie Sa'adah

Karen has superior skills for producing clear and effective writing. I went to great lengths to locate her. I wanted the best. —Vahan Hoonanian

Karen has the unique ability to describe complex technical matters [so] any person can understand, regardless of expertise. —Dr. Frank Arguello

Brilliant! You're a magician with language. The mss. reads much better, which is amazing since it was already professionally edited. I don't want my agent to see anything you haven't seen first! —Linda D. Richmond

You're a true genius with words! Every suggestion and correction is the perfect choice. Your knowledge, artistry, and vision have perfected my work. Thank you, Renaissance Woman. —David Yakerson

Your meticulous editing has made the work flow You've made my first writing exploration a less daunting experience. —Bart Lambrecht

Thank you so much for your magic touch. My mss. finally took the shape I had in mind from the beginning. —Alina Barkan

Frankly, I was ready to throw in the towel because I didn't know how to proceed. You've given me good insights and needed hope! —Richard

Everything you said was absolutely right. —Simon Taylor

Pleased with your suggestions [and] copy editing changes . . . making things more enticing and vibrant. —Seth P. Cassell, Pennsylvania Dept. of Conservation and Natural Resources 

A lot of writers are nervous about handing their work off to a stranger but Karen put me at ease immediately. She balanced telling the story in a more concise manner with keeping my voice alive. —Author

Reading my manuscript through her words was like having them narrated by Morgan Freeman. She's a master. Excellent working with her! Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert! —Author